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Loud Librarians Season Two

By Hannah Herrlich, Emerging Technologies Librarian

Loud Librarians, the very first Fordham University Libraries podcast, is back and better than ever! Say it loud, say it proud, because season two is out in its entirety, which means you can start your binge listening journey now. Whereas the first season unlocked the mysteries of copyright, season two finishes off the discussion on copyright’s four factors of fair use, and then deep dives into some more library fun, such as reference, circulation, and service.

Let’s explore in a little more detail what these episodes are all about…

The season premiere kicks off with a bang. In the first episode, We’re Baaaaaaack…with Fair Use #3, The Loud Librarians announce their return to the audio world and introduce listeners to the third factor of fair use- the amount and substantiality of the use.

Second is the best! Following, we have episode two- This Podcast is not Sponsored. And it’s a bittersweet goodbye, as the hosts wrap up with the fourth and final factor of fair use- The effect of use on the potential market for, or value of, the work. In layman’s terms, that means this factor talks about money and whether one is taking copyrighted work and using it for their own profitable gains.

Here’s where things get interesting, as the Loud Librarians welcome their first guest for the third episode of the season, Reference Desk Diaries with Jeannie Hoag. This is a major girl boss episode where pretty much all things reference-related are covered.

Another special guest joins the pod in the fourth episode, The Power of Three with Maria Sanchez. The Loud Librarians are joined by their dear colleague to discuss all things related to access services and circulation, and what being the front of house in the library truly means.

If you thought the special guest feature episodes for the season were over, you’d be wrong. Buckle up for one more Fordham Library friend to join the pod in episode five, QUINNtesstial Queries with Mike Magilligan. The three librarians cover a vast array of topics in this one and compare library service between the Walsh and Quinn Libraries.

The season finale wraps up with an episode extraordinaire. In this season finale, TOP SECRET INFORMATION IN THIS EPISODE, the Loud Librarian hosts disclose who they really are underneath their librarian guise. So, Join the Loud Librarians as they interview each other for a change and possibly reveal some super-secret classified information (but you didn’t hear it from us!).

Still need some convincing that Loud Librarians is the best thing the podcast world has seen  since Joe Rogan convinced everyone to eat elk meat? Well, then might we add that the pod’s hosts Hannah and Amber, (who are two normal and unbiased Fordham librarians that are certainly not involved in writing this blog post), are charming, witty, and probably your new library BFFs. They explain complex library topics like how one goes about determining the amount and substantiality of a copyrighted work, or what strategies librarians use to deliver the highest quality of service during busy periods, while maintaining a topnotch sense of humor and impeccable comedic delivery (and of course, this is a completely unbiased opinion). And if you get a little tired of these two library ladies yammering on and on and on… Do not fret, as this second season mirrors the first in having not one, not two, but three episodes featuring special guests, hailing from different corners of the Fordham University Libraries. Listeners will get a glance at how various departments and sections of the library work, because after all there’s no “I” in “library…” Hey, wait a sec…

So, if you’re curious about any of the “library things,” or are looking for something new to listen to that’s educational and fun, informative and light, then check out Loud Librarians, now!

Where the podcast recording magic happens… AKA Fordham University’s LITE Center, located on the lower level of Walsh Library

You can listen to Loud Librarians anytime and anywhere- Or, on most platforms, such as…

Or wherever you listen to podcasts.

If you have an idea or burning question for Loud Librarians, then send an email to loudlibrarianspod@gmail.com or a DM on Instagram.

And as always, if you have any library related questions, thoughts, queries, etc., you can use our 24/7 chat service, Ask a Librarian.

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