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Musings of a Reference Librarian…

The library has many arts databases that are easily searched by theme or subject, and yet they are often only used by our arts students and faculty. In reality, most of us crave engagement with music, theater, film, and art that resonates with us in ways that data analysis and scholarly discourse do not. Read on to discover how the Digital Theatre+ database can benefit you, no matter your research queries.

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Credo Reference Database – Academic Core

Librarians are always available to help you locate reputable sources once you know what you want to write about, but figuring out how to narrow your topic so that it is more manageable can be overwhelming. The Credo Reference – Academic Core database is an ideal starting point for academic research because with it you can explore a topic, related topics, and subtopics to help you figure out how to focus your research.

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Fordham Libraries Join JSTOR Open Community Collections

The Fordham University Libraries is thrilled to announce that three of our digital collections have been added to the web-accessible JSTOR Community Collections. Anyone and everyone with an internet connection will be able to view these collections, regardless of their affiliation with Fordham University. Inclusion in JSTOR will expand the impact of Fordham’s digital resources well beyond our immediate community, as well as increase our standing as a research library!

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Gale Ebooks Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Collection

Fordham Librarians were listening carefully to Father Joseph P. McShane’s latest State of the University address on October 18, 2021. It has always been important to the library to reinforce the ways in which the University’s Jesuit mission and strategic plans are reflected in the academic programs and initiatives that we will ultimately support and enhance. “Educating for Justice” will be embraced by the University libraries. Check out some of the newly acquired ebooks in this week’s post!

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