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WATCH – What is Fake News?

Welcome to the inaugural post of the Fordham Library News blog! In today’s post, we announce the release of a video created by Fordham librarians about the issue of fake news. Watch the video below (or on our new Youtube channel) and stay tuned to this blog for regular posts on events, resources, research, and the latest updates from the libraries. Happy reading!

The term “fake news” is an accusation that is thrown around by politicians, news anchors, and fervent social media users. Several Fordham librarians joined forces to create a video that begins to answer some big questions: What is fake news? How can students, faculty, and all members of our community recognize it? This video is intended to promote information literacy and critical thinking skills that help people evaluate factors such as bias, opinion, clickbait, and malicious lies. We hope it will serve as an effective introduction to identifying trustworthy sources of information.

This video was created with the help of many librarians from across the library, including staff in the Electronic Resources & Serials Department, Reference, Circulation, and the Electronic Information Center.

BUT, don’t be fooled – there’s still more to learn. Librarians have curated fact-checking websites, books, articles, and other resources where you can learn more about being a critical consumer of information. Find all of that and more on our Fake News Research Guide:

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