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Business Databases Are Not Just for Business Majors!

Number 1 in the business database series

By Mike Magilligan, Business Reference Librarian, Lincoln Center
and Jane Suda, Head of Reference & Information Services, Rose Hill

Are you looking for a job in a specific state or industry?
Do you want to buy a house or apartment, but curious about the neighborhood? 
Do you want to hire a local contractor to fix your house? 
Do you dream of moving to another country, or another area of the United States?
Are you curious about the rules and regulations that control businesses and economies outside of the USA?
Do you think that you might be able to make some money off of a creative skill? 
Do you have a hobby that you want to grow into a business?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may want to spend some time with one of our Business Databases!

This blog post is the first in a series of posts about business databases that are available from the Fordham Libraries. The most important thing to remember is that Business databases are not just for business majors. Each and every member of the Fordham community can benefit from the information contained in the library’s business databases. Although there may be some reputable information on the web to help you make intelligent and informed decisions about your personal business, finance, and career decisions, most websites have been created to sell you services.  When you choose to use a library database to search for information, you are more likely to find information that is free to you through your Fordham access IT username and password, unbiased, authoritative, and trustworthy.

So let’s start our dive into business databases by looking at two that have very similar names, but very different content. Both can be found by going to the Fordham Libary homepage, clicking on the Databases tab, clicking on the Databases Home & A–Z List.

From the A-Z list, click on the letter A and scroll down to find:

AtoZdatabases Academic


AtoZ International Business

With such similar names it is easy to get them confused, so make sure you read the description of the database before you click in to enter the database.

Now let’s look at the content of the two databases, so we can see how they differ, and how you can use each to your advantage.

First we will look at AtoZdatabases Academic.

This is a premier source for: job searches, career resources, creating a direct mailing list, finding sales leads, doing market research, looking up a specific company, or creating a set of industry data that is zip code or area code specific. Anyone curious about starting a side business, or researching businesses in a specific industry or location will love this database. This database can even be used to search for the owners of residential properties, the income or real estate holdings of individuals, the contact information of business executives, or the licenses of healthcare professionals. And you will not be asked for your credit card to download a spreadsheet full of data.

Interested in the job search feature?

From the database homepage, go to the Find a Job option, enter your business keyword in the first box, and the zip code, city, or state in the second box. NOTE–this includes internships, full-time, and part-time work opportunities! Make sure you click on the Career Resources tab for resume, cover letter, and interviewing tips.

Are you curious about opportunities at your dream company or organization?

From the database homepage go to the Find a Business option, and type in your dream company name.

Find the business profile page and look for the Job Postings box. 

If you already have an interview set up, use the information in the profile to help you research the organization and prepare for your interview.

Interested in starting a new career or business?

Want to build a marketing plan and customer list?  

Thinking about relocating? 

Check out the Advanced Searching Options at the bottom of the database homepage.

Now let’s look at the other AtoZ database, AtoZ International Business.

This database is best for researchers who need business information on an international scale!

It includes information on: importing, exporting, global logistics, international business, international banking, law, packing, shipping, insurance, and e-commerce. It also includes 174 country specific business guides. If you want to study abroad, do business abroad, or understand how businesses function differently in various countries, this database is for you. If you’re working with international customers and clients, or exploring international opportunities then this database is definitely for you. 

In this database, there are three levels of information: Supermodules, Main Modules, and Submodules.

Supermodules give you access to broad categories of information like Trade Essentials, Country Business Guides, Global Business Culture, and more. 

The supermodule navigation buttons are located in the banner at the top of the database homepage and look like this:

Main Modules are revealed by clicking on a supermodule button, and they change depending on the supermodule you select.

In the image below, the supermodule Banking Finance Payments is selected and the main modules International Payments, Financing International Trade, Foreign Exchange Basics, and more, are revealed.

Submodules can be found by clicking on a main module. The submodules contain explanatory articles, documents, charts, and data.

For example, in the supermodule Banking Finance Payments → main module International Payments  → you’ll find 20 submodule articles about making and receiving international payments.

Want to learn more?

The Tools and Reference supermodule includes coverage of more than 100 trade- and business-related reference topics, as well as the World Trade Press Illustrated Guide to Incoterms® 2020, the full text of hundreds of preferential trade agreements, the entire Dictionary of International Trade, and the 12 short courses in International Trade series of books.

Last but not least: Country Business Guides (recommended for anyone traveling abroad).

The Country Business Guides cover more than 150 topics for each of the world’s 140 largest economies. The topics include people, culture, climate, history, government, taxes, customs, tipping, travel, health care, importing, exporting, communications, rental property, child care, holidays, and more!

The AtoZ International Business database is a perfect place to start your research on international travel for business, academics, or pleasure.

Clearly these two databases provide an easy pathway to information that is useful for the entire Fordham community. We invite you to explore the world and your future with AtoZ via the Fordham University Libraries! And remember, you do not have to be a Gabelli student to be a savvy user of business information.

Curious about other business databases? 

Keep and eye out for our next entry in this series

OR review the content on our Business Research: Which Business Database Should I Use? page.

Questions? Just Ask a Librarian.

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