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A Semester of Celebrating Walsh25

By Hannah Herrlich, Emerging Technologies Librarian; Gabriella DiMeglio, Archives & Special Collections Librarian; Katie Wolf, Science and Technology Librarian; Mike Magilligan, Business Reference Librarian; & Catherine Gilbert, Executive Secretary

As you may know by now, Walsh Library recently celebrated its 25th “silver” anniversary! This remarkable milestone was commemorated during the Fall 2022 semester through the campaign, Walsh25. Read on to discover how we celebrated Walsh25 all semester long!

Research Guide

The Walsh25 campaign kicked off with a published research guide, dedicated to the history and explorative transformation of the mighty Walsh Library that amplifies the Rose Hill campus today. The Walsh25 research guide is jam-packed with information and photographs that show the building’s original construction to what it looks like and represents today. This guide also presents eerie mysteries of the library and interactive graphs depicting impactful data throughout the years. Also, while browsing through this guide, you won’t want to miss the Walsh25 teaser video, featured prominently on the homepage.

On Display

Fall 2022 began after a summertime lull and a Covid-induced quiet that plagued Fordham for the past two years. (For reference, the Walsh Library gate count saw 800 more users the first three days of the Fall 2022 semester than the Fall 2021 semester.) All this considered, the start of the semester was met with a boom of activity. And what better way to welcome back new and returning library patrons than with free merchandise on display in the Walsh Atrium? Library users were thrilled to grab specialty crafted and branded Walsh25 stickers, pens, and tote bags. As if free swag material isn’t already great, these items were located right next to self-checkout kiosk so everyone could carry out their books in a brand-new Walsh25 bag.

Later in the semester, another display was exhibited in Walsh Atrium (with another display at Quinn Library, as well!). This time around featured a collection of books from The New York Times best seller list and Pulitzer Prize award winners from 1997- the year Walsh Library opened. Like all of our book displays, each book was available for checkout.

Fun on Social Media

Throughout the semester, our social media pages ran a flurry of games and giveaways to promote #Walsh25. From September through mid-October, our social media followers had the chance to participate in a weekly #TriviaTuesday competition. This entailed posing a question about Walsh Library on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Participants engaged through comments and direct messages, and each Wednesday, two winners were selected to receive an exclusive #Walsh25 t-shirt (the shirt color is representative of the silver anniversary). Answers to these trivia questions always could be found by searching the library website, Walsh25 research guide, or within the library building itself. Implementing our social media platforms to promote #Walsh25 proved to be lots of fun and a great way to engage with our user community!

Special Collections & Archives

Curated in the Exhibition Hall, located on the First Floor of Walsh, is a special collection of materials about the building of Walsh Library and its grand debut in 1997. This archival exploration, “Celebrating 25 Years of Walsh Library,” features periodicals, paintings, and blueprints dating to the initial planning process for the new library.

Additionally, October was a big month for Walsh25 as it marked the official anniversary of Walsh Library’s groundbreaking ceremony (October 29, 1994) and dedication ceremony (October 17, 1997). The original programs and photographs from these historic events still are on display in the Exhibition Hall, so be sure to check out the exhibition before November 22nd!

Thank You!

As we wrap-up the Walsh25 campaign, we would like to thank each and every one of you for being a part of the Walsh Library community. For the past 25 years, Walsh has continued to serve the Fordham community and aid students and faculty with their academic pursuits. So, as we reminisce on the past and look forward to the future, we would like to extend a huge “thank you” for making Walsh Library what it is today.

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