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The Walsh25 Research Guide

By now, you might have heard the exciting news about Walsh Library turning 25 years old this Fall 2022 semester. Now, you can learn even more about the anniversary in the new Walsh25 research guide!

What is a Research Guide?

Research guides are created by librarians who curate the best information resources on a given discipline or topic. You can browse the complete list (arranged alphabetically) to find a specific topic, or stumble on something new that you want to explore.

What is on the Walsh25 Research Guide?

There is a lot to explore on the Walsh25 research guide. On it, you will discover why Fordham needed a new library building (*hint* the vast collection of books quickly outgrew the old library!), and view how the construction of Walsh unfolded through archival photographs and documents. There are plenty of photographs to explore, with images ranging from lighthearted introductions of Walsh’s many rooms to a solemn documentation of the two floods and one global pandemic that the Library has endured. If numbers and graphs are more your speed, then fear not, as this guide includes data and moving graphs depicting gate count entries and virtual chat sessions through the years. Also on the research guide is a memory board composed of writings by Walsh Library staff members who were present for the building’s opening, as they recall the move into and the grand debut of Walsh Library. The new Walsh25 research guide has something for everyone– Take a look for yourself!

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