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Gale Ebooks Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Collection

By Lynn Parliman, Head of Serials & Electronic Resources

Fordham Librarians were listening carefully to Father Joseph P. McShane’s latest State of the University address on October 18, 2021. It has always been important to the library to reinforce the ways in which the University’s Jesuit mission and strategic plans are reflected in the academic programs and initiatives that we will ultimately support and enhance. “Educating for Justice” will be embraced by the University libraries. Students and faculty will need scholarly resources for researching and teaching the broad spectrum of academic studies overlapping with diversity, equity and inclusion.  DEI relates to so many areas of life, with climate, health, human rights, poverty, and education just the beginning. With support from the University, the library’s collections will reflect and enhance this growing focus.

Fordham libraries recently purchased a collection of over 100 Gale Ebooks accessible from the Library Databases list, in the G Alpha Tab, and the Ebook Collections Tab.

The Gale Ebooks Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Collection has a multidisciplinary focus on major subject areas in Business, Communication, Education, Engineering, Information Technology, Medicine, Political Science, Psychology, and Social Science/Sociology. Minor subject areas include: Entrepreneurship, Finance, Journalism, Gender studies, Women’s studies, Multicultural studies, Psychotherapy, Race and Ethnic relations, Teacher Education, Education Technology, Social policy, and more.

These Ebooks have unlimited simultaneous user limits, making them perfect for class assignments or group study.

The front page of the Gale Ebooks platform.
The front page of the Gale Ebooks platform.

Below is a sample of Ebooks available in the collection:

Advances in Religious and Cultural Studies: Challenges to Integrating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Programs in Organizations (Social Sciences – Sociology)

  • This book explores the challenges and opportunities faced by diversity, equity, and inclusion officers who are leading their organizations to becoming more diverse, equitable, and inclusive working environments. Institutional equity, organizational culture, and creating a diverse workplace are among the topics discussed.

Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Women, Voice, and Agency (Social Science -Women’s Studies)

  • This book provides a collection of innovative research on the examination of giving voice to women’s issues in the contemporary world and their increasing impact within the various pillars of society. Topics include social change, digital activism, and inclusion.

Education and Technology Support for Children and Young Adults with ASD and Learning Disabilities (Education – Special Education)

  • Provides an in-depth analysis on the use of available technology solutions, instructional design methods, and assessment techniques in the context of standards and regulations in classroom or counseling settings.

Using Narratives and Storytelling to Promote Cultural Diversity on College Campuses (Education – Cultural Diversity)

  • Follows five college students through a vast array of divergent experiences and provides a comprehensive dialogue about diversity through personal narratives of college faculty, students, staff, and administrators.

Antiracist Professional Development for In-Service Teachers: Emerging Research and Opportunities (Education – Teacher education)

  • Addresses the historical, sociological, and pedagogical background concerning racial issues in education. It proposes an antiracist model for professional development as a tool for transforming schools and teachers to be critically sensitive changemakers.

International Perspectives on Feminism and Sexism in the Film (Social Science – Gender Studies)

  • Explores feminism and sexism in the film industry. It examines the representation of women in cinema and provides a feminist approach to various aspects of the film industry including labor, production, and the cultural impact of women in motion pictures.

Advances in Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, and E-Services: Examining Cultural Perspectives in a Globalized World (Business – Human Resource Management)

  • This reference source provides research on the promotion of new cultural models representative of the contemporary world and subject to digital transformation. Topics include Brand Awareness; Corporate Governance; Cross-Cultural Marketing; Digital Diversity; Effective Leadership; Employee Motivation; Group Behavior; Human Management; Racial Profiling; and Shared Culture.

Latin American Women and Research Contributions to the IT Field (Information Technology)

Navigating Fake News, Alternative Facts, and Misinformation in a Post-Truth World (Communication Arts – Journalism)

  • Provides a collection of innovative research on human and automated methods to deter the spread of misinformation online, such as legal or policy changes, information literacy workshops, and algorithms that can detect fake news dissemination patterns in social media.

The Psychology and Dynamics Behind Social Media Interactions (Psychology – Social Psychology)

  • This book focuses on current social media research and provides insight into the benefits and detriments of social media through the lens of psychological theories.

Also, please see the other Gale Ebook collections the library owns on the same list that focus on Mental Health and Wellness and Race and Social Injustice.

Gale Ebooks Mental Health and Wellness Collection

  • Fifteen Ebooks span diverse topics, including suicide, panic disorders, LGBT psychology, socializing, deconstructing stigmas, the influence of race and culture, and more. Offers students help, guidance, and resources during their most vulnerable moments. Reference anytime, anywhere, and on any device. International and ESL students will benefit from translation in nearly 40 languages.

Gale Ebooks Race and Social Injustice Collection

  • A collection of twenty-nine Ebooks to encourage learning and research in systemic racism, social injustice, and anti-racism. Encompasses subject areas in race and ethnic relations, anthropology, politics, journalism, ethnic and women’s studies, Black studies and policing.

If you need help, our Reference Librarians are available 24/7 via the Ask a Librarian chat service.

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