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Discover A World of Music at Fordham Libraries

By Kindra Becker-Redd & Mike Magilligan, Reference Librarians, Quinn Library  

You may not immediately think of music when you think of the library – it’s a pretty quiet place, after all. But beyond the books and journals you can find in our collections, the Fordham Libraries also offer access to a plethora of musical scores, streaming audio, and videos of music performances from all genres. Whether you’re looking for classical, jazz, international or pop, our databases have a wealth of resources for you to explore the world of music.

Alexander Street is an industry leader, providing streaming content in the fields of music and dance education. It can be accessed from the Database page under M and scrolling down to Music to view the wide offerings of Databases available. Take a look (and a listen) below at a few of the resources that are just a click away.

American Music

Music and Dance Online: American Music provides a suite of online audio recordings to support the teaching of American musical traditions including country, folk, jazz, bluegrass, western, old time, American Indian, blues, gospel, R&B, and more.

Want to explore the sounds of the American Experience? From the folk music of Country Blues to the electrified stylings that came from Chicago and everything in between, this database has it all. Build playlists, search by genre, artist or even historical event. A perfect gateway into the sounds that have shaped our lives that will have you doing the Funky Chicken in no time.

Classical Music

Music and Dance Online: Classical Performance in Video is a comprehensive video resource for the study of classical music. Users experience classical music through 1,600 performances, including 200 full operas and 75 dance titles, as well as masterclasses, documentaries, scores, and interview.

This database allows you to bring the sights and sounds of concert halls from around the world right to you. From the beautiful, sacred works of such mastreos as Palestrina to the timeless sounds of J.S. Bach this database allows you to search the most comprehensive online video music catalog of classical music out there. If you want to watch a documentary on Modern Composers or hear from a master themself then this database is for you.

World Music

Music and Dance Online: Contemporary World Music includes genres as varied as reggae, worldbeat, neo-traditional, world fusion, Balkanic jazz, African film, Bollywood, Arab swing and jazz, and others.

This is a one-stop shop for sounds from all over the globe. Want to relax to the meditative drone from the music of North India, study the pulsating rhythms of street musicians in Senegal or maybe practice the latest hula moves from the world of Polynesian Dance, then you need to check this database out. With music from every continent, this database is your audio passport to the world of music.

More Music from Alexander Street Press

Need help using the resources above or have other questions about library resources? Visit the Library Databases Access Help page. You can also contact a librarian 24/7 through the Ask a Librarian chat service.


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