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Database Highlight: Artfilms

By Laura Childs, Emerging Technologies Librarian

Artfilms: Contemporary Arts Media

Artfilms is a streaming video database that includes thousands of masterclasses, documentaries, shorts, and interviews from around the world. Content in Artfilms covers more than 20 subject areas, from Anthropology to World Cinema.

A new collection of documentaries and dramas from Rwanda were recently added to the Artfilms catalog and are available to stream now. See some highlights from the collection below, then browse their complete selection of African cinema.

Films from Rwanda
  • We Are All Rwandans: This film is based on real events which took place in Nyange Secondary School on March 18th, 1997. The Nyange school students were attacked by rebels in the aftermath of the 1994 genocide. Their refusal to betray each other cost some of them everything, but gave hope to a nation.
  • Intore (The Chosen): A powerful and rare look at how Rwanda survived its tragic past by regaining its identity through music, dance, and the resilience of a new generation.  Witness how the nation rose above the ashes of a horrific 1994 genocide, to become a world model of post-conflict peace and unity.
  • Alphonse’s Bike: The bicycle is a symbol of progress for Rwanda, yet only one out of 40 can afford a bike. In this film, we encounter the ingenious Alphonse, the bicycle taxi he rebuilt and outfitted, and his motto “Pimp my Bike”: Rwanda’s answer to the crisis.
  • A Love Letter to My Country: Twenty-one year old Marta falls in love with Rukundo, but their love seems doomed by impossibility and intolerance. They find themselves asking if, in post-genocide Rwanda, two people from different sides of the conflict can live and love together.

The link to Artfilms can be found on the Videos & Multimedia tab of the Fordham Libraries Databases page.

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