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Plants of the Library, Volume 4

By Jeannie Hoag, Reference and Assessment Librarian

In this biweekly column, meet the plants who live in the library or work from home with our library staff. Find out what they’re reading and how you can join them by checking out books from the Fordham LibrariesCatch up on all volumes of Plants of the Library.

False Christmas Cactus withThe Complete Encyclopedia of Garden Flowers by Kate Bryant

Name: Schlumbergera Truncata
Nickname: False Christmas Cactus
Library Location: Walsh Library office of Jane Suda, Head of Reference & Information Services
What I’m Reading: The Complete Encyclopedia of Garden Flowers by Kate Bryant

When the going gets tough, who doesn’t end up heading for the self-help aisle? The way I see it, The Complete Encyclopedia of Garden Flowers is as basic and comforting as it gets. From time to time I like to turn to page 34 and gain some knowledge about myself and my cacti and succulent brethren.

As you can probably tell from my flowers, I’m extremely happy. That confidence comes from knowing who I am, deep in the ground. I get a little knowledge boost each time I crack open this book.

If you are a plant, or have one at home, consider reading up on yourself or your loved one. And for other resources, check out the Gardening and Agriculture Research Guide.

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