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Plants of the Library, Volume 3

By Jeannie Hoag, Reference and Assessment Librarian

In this biweekly column, meet the plants who live in the library or work from home with our library staff. Find out what they’re reading and how you can join them by checking out books from the Fordham LibrariesCatch up on all volumes of Plants of the Library.

The NPR Listener’s Encyclopedia of Classical Music by Ted Libbey (left) and Beaucarnea Recurvata (right).

Name: Beaucarnea Recurvata
Nickname: Ponytail Palm
Library Location: Walsh Library Reference Room, overlooking Fordham Road
What I’m Reading: The NPR Listener’s Encyclopedia of Classical Music by Ted Libbey

I’m perfectly happy to admit I’m a mature plant. I’m experienced, patient, and have a strength of character to get me through any crisis.

During this particularly unique moment in time, I make a point to take time each day to appreciate small joys. This world is a beautiful place. I love watching students studying in the Reference Room–they bring a vital energy to the space. I also love the sights and sounds coming from Fordham Road, especially the people driving by who play their music nice and loud. 

Recently I’ve wanted to deepen my knowledge, and I’ve been happily perusing the NPR Listener’s Encyclopedia of Classical Music. It’s a great compilation of general information from a very enthusiastic expert–it’s hard not to feel happy about Haydn, chipper about Chopin, and delighted by Debussy.

If you’re on the Rose Hill campus, I recommend stopping by the Reference Room to browse a page or two. Off campus folks, you may be equally enthused by some of our music encyclopedias in electronic format–you can find them by searching the Library Catalog! And if music isn’t your thing, may you find a bit of cheer that suits you.

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