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Plants of the Library, Volume 1

By Jeannie Hoag, Reference and Assessment Librarian

In this biweekly column, meet the plants who live in the library or work from home with our library staff. Find out what they’re reading and how you can join them by checking out books from the Fordham Libraries!

The Money Tree (left) and Middlemarch by George Eliot (right).

Name: Pachira Aquatica
Nickname: Money Tree
Library Location: Working remotely
What I’m Reading: Middlemarch by George Eliot

It seems like a lot of plants I know have been taking advantage of social distancing to improve themselves somehow. A new pot, fresh soil, and a few have even indulged in a fertilizer treatment! Me, I’ve got to admit I let myself go a bit. But I’ve been (slowly) reading some of the books I’d always meant to read and, ahem, led others to believe I’d read.

I’m proud to say I finally read Middlemarch and am so. Glad. I. Did. Dorothea’s ambitious plans reminded me of the #quarantinegoals I’d been attempting for myself all summer. And I loved how the different storylines were intertwined—almost braided—together.

At 800 pages, it’s not a quick read, but it is so worth it. The library has lots of copies, including ebook copies.

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